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Adidas app will let you put selfies on shoes
In a move that gives Run-DMC’s My Adidas a present-day twist, Adidas now wants sneakerheads to personalize their shoes with their smartphones. Using the Adidas Photo Print app for the popular ZX Flux, which will see release this August, users will be able to snap photos a la Instagram and have them printed on their sneakers. The company teased the new app on Instagram earlier today.


What happened to the wood beams in Monica’s apartment?
Clearly, putting a giant wood beam in the middle of the kitchen was a bad set choice from the get go. It was obviously going to be in the way and be a big pain for the whole production. That’s why someone should have realized that before they started filming the series. Instead, they filmed with it for a while, then just took it away. Like that’s a thing you can do with support beams. Way to ruin the illusion of this otherwise completely realistic apartment.
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Proposed plan for Austin transit systems (x-post from /r/Austin) [2655x3374]CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!

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Location of Wawa convenience stores on the east coast [644x704]CLICK HERE FOR MORE MAPS!

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Food trucks at Evil Weiner by Jeramy Johnson on EyeEm
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